Such A Great Weekend With Germany & American

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Eh jap, minta kebenaran nak speaking jap walaupon BI aku berterabur giler vavi. Do i care? Hohohoh.......

7-9 October 2011, such a great weekend. I spent my time with my lovely UiTM PEERs club members at Sepintas Homestay. The program is also accompanied by students from German and American. Nine of them are from German and there is only one from USA. Nothing much to say about them, but they are really 10000x friendly and talkative. At that programme, we have been divided into some small group consist of three or five members to be given to our foster family. Luckly my group was given to Imam Saifuddin's family. The best experience ever and ever is became one of his family members is we can eat a lot of food that superbly delicious and there are a lot lot of menu everytime when they ask us to eat. Sup ketam, ayam goreng (Kalah KFC), fried beef (ea?), nasi Lemak, Ubi kayu goreng and many more and more and more. Think how many food they served to us? We are treated like their own son. Sometime, the home was also filled with laughter when we saw Torben with less efficiency using hands to eat the food especially rice and his blank face when we spoke in bahasa. Not only that, he also do not know how to sit like us, i meant 'bersila'. maybe because in his country he always sit on the chair. Lastly, thanks to Luke, Torben, Markus, Jonas, Felix, Bastian, Miriam, Jakob, Doris and Sabrina for joining our programme.

Dah back to Bahasa... lenguh dah nak pikir ayat. hahahaha.... siyes program nie best. Dapat improve english dan kenal budaya masyarakat Jawa sebab kampung yang kami pergi nie kampung orang jawa. Cayalah penduduk kampung nie, sume unite dan bekerjasama dengan baik. Antara pengalaman best kat sini ialah, kami dapat merasa memancing udang galah di Sugai Sabak Bernam dan makan-makanan tradisional yang bermacam-macam jenis dengan namanya yang sangat unik.

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